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Lead Free. Chemical Free. Pure Refreshing Taste.

Welcome to Vadare H2O Drinking Water, Southwestern Illinois’ premier bottled drinking water! We deliver the purest, best tasting and most affordable bottled drinking water right to your home or office. 

We go beyond water purification and delivery; we offer a selection of rentable water dispensers that can provide both hot and cold water on demand. 

Pure Water at Your Door

Our water is 100% naturally pure water direct from the source of Southern Missouri Springs, the best purified water available that is chemical free, lead free and pure.

Delivering To Our Community

We deliver our delicious purified water to homes and offices all over Clinton, St. Clair, Madison, Washington, Monroe, Bond, and Jefferson Counties. Call us today at 800-834-7411 to learn more!

We Treat You Like Family

As a family owned business, we believe our clients are extended members of the Wade Family. Our delivery team will bring your bottled water to your doorstep; we'll even put a new bottle on the cooler for you

Growing Healthy Families

In 2017, we decided to launch our own brand of water - Vadare H2O - because we believe that water is the essential life-giving source of energy that everyone should be able to drink.

How Our Service Works

Place Order

Once you place your order, your dedicated delivery specialist will deliver your selected bottled water products. They will also install and set up the water dispenser if applicable.

Review Calendar

You will receive a delivery calendar and agree where you will place empty water bottles.

Leave Empties

After your initial delivery, leave out any empty water bottles and try any other items you may have ordered, regardless of whether you are at home.

Jenny's Water for Life

 We want to help you and your families battle cancer and honor one of the founders of Wade Sales and Service, Jenny Wade-TImmermann, who always put people before business. If your friends or family are afflicted with this disease, please call our office and mention Jenny’s Water for Life Initiative and we will provide free water service until you have beaten this disease.